Current Status


LEAP has been closed since 2011.  Many of the families joined with

Feel free to contact them.

I have left this site up simply because of the wealth of information that is on it.  Feel free to use it as a model for creating a group of your own.


8 Responses to Current Status

  1. Mary says:

    What info or resources can you help with for someone new to and not yet homeschooling ?

  2. mary says:

    Thank you

  3. Nicole says:


    I am from New Jersey where there are hardly any rules or regulations on homeschooling. We are talking about moving to PA and as I’m finding through research that PA is quite strict with homeschooling. It sounds like you have to report to your district 1x a year and have to teach what the district approves of. The other things I’ve read are the children have to participate in the standardized testing and be current on immunizations. Is it really that strict or in actuality more relaxed?

    My question is are these things true? And are there any ways around them?
    If your unable to answer my questions could you advise on who to ask? Is there anything else I should be aware of?Your time is much appreciated. Thank you

    My best,

    • dawnccc says:

      Nicole, sadly it is that strict. I am in NY and have dealt with the strictest state for 18 years. PA isn’t that bad. Yes, you report once a year but you can pick the teacher in most school districts. In NY you have to have the books approved, which was never a hassel and I have never heard from any of my PA friends that it was an issue either. If you are using well know books like Abeka, BJU … that is not problem. If it is obscure or custom made you just document them. As for the immunization, I have to do that with my local Co-Op in NY so that isn’t a problem and you can sign a paper most of the times if you want to be exempt for religious reasons which problem half of my friends do. The first year is often awkward. Try to find someone homeschooling in the school district and find out from them who the best teacher is, what books everyone else uses… As for testing. In NY we have to test every other year. I always found it helpful and we got to pick the test and just get it approved by the school. We did the Stanford Achievement tests ordered by Bob Jones. Many friends also did the Iowa test for their shy children and that one was allowed at the dining room table. Find out from the Superintendent what is allowed. It wasn’t that bad. A little annoying but all in all, friends from PA and NY always agreed that it kept us accountable. There were always families in NJ that just laughed at us. It is very doable. Just try to find other folks throught the local library or evangelical churches, someone knows someone that homeschools. Best wishes and happy new year. Dawn

  4. Nicole says:

    Are there any homeschooling families in or near milford? I’m having a very hard time finding anyone. Please help!

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